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Sold another .com domain in four figures

Hello everyone,

It was a nice last week. I am sure you have understood why I am saying this after reading the post title 😉 bought in 2010 for the total cost so far was US$44.45 and sold it last week for US$2,990 through Afternic BIN. So the return on investment was 6626.66% which looks good yeah. I bought this domain through GoDaddy Auctions.

I first received price request at Afternic for this domain in January this year. I set the price and forgot about it. So I am not sure if the person who requested price was the buyer this time. It’s over 3 months so it’s quite difficult to gauge.

Until now the WHOIS is showing on GoDaddy TDNAM Holding with Administrative contact of “Buyer Unreachable”. I am not sure who have bought this domain. I will update this post once I see any changes to the WHOIS.

What’s your feedback on this sale? Sold for right price or left money on table?


Sold my first domain through aka have been parking my domains with InternetTraffic aka for few months and received many inquiries but none of them was tempted enough to sell or the potential buyers didn’t even bother to present their offer once I asked them to make it. I have tested several other parking companies and found IT/DNS the best so far in terms of PPC and getting domain inquiries more frequently than at some other places.

In the first week of January 2013 I received an offer on one my domain with starting offer of US$500 and they explained their purpose of buying and who they are. It didn’t took much time for me to analyze and counter offer with US$6,000. Next day the person informed me price is too high and they could max US$1,000. I politely informed we cannot proceed further. After several back and forth emails of US$1,250/US$1,400/US$1,750. I simply told them not to waste my time. Although this conversation was with one of the employee of that company who were interested in buying my domain. I just told him instead of wasting my time please present your best and final offer and I will simply accept or reject it. He offered US$2,000 and I rejected. I offered US$5,000 as my final offer and stated it’s valid for next 7 days only but they didn’t bother to respond and I decided they need to suffer for that and I will stay strong on my offer if they come next time.

Fast forward to March 2013, I got an offer of 3k and I knew it’s the same company trying to buy but with different name and email ID. My counter was again 6k. And once again similar pattern of offers got started with US$3,750/US$4,250 but with no success.

A couple of days later the CEO of company contacted me and started with straightaway US$5,000 but I wanted more than 6k this time but he just wanted to wrap up quickly and was serious enough so I let this domain go for US$6,000. Once again I will say US$6,000. I got extra US$1,000 just because they didn’t accepted my offer of US$5,000 on time.

Oh yeah, and the domain was

As mentioned in my previous post where the buyer was unable to make payment on time and I cancelled the deal. At that time I really needed the money and after cancelling that deal I got this sale happen successfully. Although I was having conversations with this company for the last 2 months.

It was the first time I asked for more money once the buyer didn’t take it seriously and responded on time. And luckily I got what I wanted.

So what do you think of this sale and had any similar experience?

60 days lock period of GoDaddy resulted in canceling the deal of my first hyphenated domain

60-days-lock-period-of-GoDaddy-resulted-in-canceling-the-deal-of-my-first-hyphenated-domainHello everyone,

I won’t blame GoDaddy for that and instead accept my mistake. Although this 60 days lock period is quite frustrating when the buyer asks for transfer out of GoDaddy. So today I would like to share one of the incident happened with me.

It was a .com hyphenated domain for which I contacted several companies and one of them asked the price. I responded back with US$2,000. Keep in mind that I don’t usually start by giving the price first but in this case I was in hurry to make the sale and asked for 2k which was fairly reasonable for a hyphenated domain. The buyer immediately accepted my offer and we initiated the process at with seller paying the fee completely.

The owner of the company asked me to wait until next couple of days as Director of IT will be in touch with me completing the transfer process. Once the payment was approved and I asked their GoDaddy customer# and email address.

The owner strictly said we don’t use GoDaddy as our primary registrar anymore and currently using Network Solutions. I tried to get the authorization code from GoDaddy but it was locked for transfer out and I was unable to retrieve the auth code until next one month. I informed them the situation and I received unfriendly message “We are recalling the money from and once the lock period is over you may contact us. Otherwise we are NOT interested.”

It was quite frustrating to see the funds going back and I was unable to do anything from my end. However, another bad news was yet to come which I wasn’t aware of. So once the lock period was off I contacted them again. This time they preferred to split the fees in half way between buyer and seller. I happily agreed because last time they paid full Escrow fee and deal was cancelled so they didn’t want to risk this time. I created the transaction once again with split fee but they didn’t responded even after Escrow sent them auto reminder. I contacted them to see if they need some more time to make payment.

Their reply wasn’t pleasing for me saying that after several discussions with our SEO consultants we’ve decided not to proceed with this domain name purchase. You may cancel the transaction at

I admit it was my mistake not to check the status of domain at GoDaddy because recently I had brought the domain from another registrar. Lesson learned is never try to sell the domain if it’s locked and you are somehow unable to transfer to the desired registrar of domain buyer. Or you can at least inform the buyer that you will only be able to push this domain at same registrar (can give the exact reason anything you wish to). Make sure you inform them in the beginning so there won’t be any trouble like I faced in this deal which was at the end remained a sad story…

Have you faced anything like that before? Had any deal going out of your mouth ? 😀 Please share and don’t hesitate

I just sold another .net domain name for US$2,000

.net domain sale for US$2,000, sold .net domain name, another .net domain sale

If you check this week’s DnJournal sales chart you will see one more successful sale of .net domain (Amazonia dot net) for US$2,000. It wasn’t a big deal though but still good considering it was a .net domain.

The buyer contacted me directly. Must have got my ID through WHOIS. Their initial offer was US$150. I countered with 3k. Than came 1.5k offer and finally we agreed at 2k.

I strongly suggest those domain owners who simply reject and never respond to lowball offers. It’s always good to communicate with the potential buyer. You can also try to educate them if they have no idea about the current domain market. They may have budget so you should at least reply to their query once.

I know most of the time we don’t get response back after the initial email from the potential buyer so that’s different story. We guys also receive lot of spam and I am sure many of the domain owners can differentiate which is legitimate inquiry compare to the spam one.

Any one like to give feedback on my sale? Would you like to share your latest sales?

Sold first-last name domain for over US$5000

At the end of last year I sold first-last name domain to an end-user for US$5,165. The domain name was listed in DnJournal as well. Thanks to Ron Jackson for listing the domain.

I contacted the end-user and his initial email wasn’t so impressive. It seemed he wasn’t very much interested but asked for the price. I asked £3,200 equivalent to US$5,165 and told him that I have some flexibility so if he is really interested can contact me. Soon I received an email that he is not interested in negotiation and is willing to pay what I asked for!

It was really exciting and most importantly shocking that an end-user is not in the mood of negotiating the price and willing to pay what I wanted. The deal was completed very quickly and all was done in good manner.

I wish the buyer best of luck with the shorter domain they bought. Currently they operate with EmilyJanesFoods ((dot)) com

In my next post I will try to explain in detail whether you should invest in these first-last name domain because the possibilities are very limited as compare to selling product/service related domains.

In the meantime if you care to share any first-last name domain you have sold to date and how was your experience with it?