AbdulBasit.com is now 2 years old

AbdulBasit.com-is-now-2-years-oldHello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Time really flies and it’s over 2 years since the launch of AbdulBasit.com and when it completed the first year I wasn’t aware at all. But this time I thought to remember it and still missed the shot. I still can’t believe it’s over 2 years and it’s an amazing journey. I would like to thank specially those friends like Jason Thompson, MarkKonstantinos, Paul, Tauseef, Michael Law, Vincent who shook hand with me when my blog was relatively new and gave me respect. Also big thanks to Francois of providing me the platform to share my views, experiences about domains. It’s a great feeling to have my blog at Domaining.com. I may have missed few more to list down.

And without my loyal readers and specially the commenters, it would not be easy to operate the blog. You guys are the boosters and are always needed.

During this period, I saw many ups and down in domain business. Learned many things from fellow friends in domain space. It all started when I acquired AbdulBasit.com and I wanted to share my experience and how I operate my domain business with everyone else and to grasp knowledge from fellow domainers. Although English language is not my preferred language which was a barrier for me to start off at the very beginning but gradually things got smooth and steady.

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Andrea Paladini
8 years ago

Congrats AbdulBasit, keep up the good work! 🙂

8 years ago

Congrats Abdul!

you are one of my favourite domain bloggers.Thank you for sharing your experiences and they are indeed very helpful for relatively noobs like me.:D

and I would love to read how you are investing(in domains/offline businesses breakup)after your big sale of Symphony.com:D

8 years ago

AbdulBasit, many congrats! I think you did many things right in your Domaining career and it’s evident from the stats you share with your readers. And, I’m of the opinion that when we write our views we learn more and having our own blog is no less than an invaluable asset.

Thank you so much for mentioning me – I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog and I hope to learn more from you.

Keep posting and all the best.

Tauseef Khan

Vincent Jacques
8 years ago

Congrats and thanks for the shout-out AbdulBasit!!! There are many lessons to be learned in this business, and once you figure some of them out and get things going, it’s a pretty fun and exciting ride! Consistency is a virtue and so is learning – Keep them up!

8 years ago

Walekum Assalam,
Congrats and you have done a very informative posts all these two years.Its always feels good to read your blog

Paul H
8 years ago

Congratulations on the 2 year milestone my friend. I believe that anyone who gives up their free time to share their thoughts and experiences within the domain investing niche should always be highly respected for their efforts, which also generally go un-rewarded.
And you have always been one of the most generous with your blog and whenever I’ve had a need to ask for help and advice. Make you have many more years of success and long may your blog continue.

Brandon Abbey
Brandon Abbey
8 years ago

Best wishes on your continued success.

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