Parking revenue for October 2014 and other updates

Parking-revenue-for-October-2014-and-other-updatesHello and Assalamo Alaikum,

There wasn’t much changes in parking revenue for September so I thought to skip it this time and move on to October parking revenue which was quite better.

Total visitors – 135,000+ (10k increase from the previous month).

Total clicks – 4,500+ (not much changes).

Total parked domains – 800 (An increase of 50 domains).

Total revenue – $650 (some improvement).

Top 5 niche which made the most – Games, Health, Photography, Cooking, Music.

$$ made on a single day – $31

RPM – $6.02 (Almost $1 increase in overall RPM).

CTR – 4.57% (Little drop in this one).

So now I have 800 domains under my portfolio and as per my 5 goals to reach by this year, I have to get 1,000 domains by the end of Dec 2014 which to be honest seems not quite possible. One of the main reason is I don’t see that many good domains dropping due to which I am unable to buy quality names. Also the prices have gone much higher and many crazy people are overpaying for domains which are worth far less than what they actually ends up paying for it.

Also, there is political unrest in my country and I am very much focused on this issue and sometimes I have forgot to bid on domains at the last minute. I can count this one of the reason for which chances of having 1k domains at the end of this year seems low.

Last month I lost at least one domain in auction due to electricity outage which is very much normal in my country. In summer, 15+ hours electricity is shut off even in big cities like mine. This is frustrating specially when I wanted to bid at the last minute of auction and finds out myself on the losing side because of this reason. Time is up for our corrupt politicians who are currently leading our country and they have come into power by fake votes. My prayers are with Imran Khan whom everyone wants to come into power and In Sha ALLAH we will see him in action by next year when midterm elections will be held and all corrupt politicians will be held accountable.

Stay tuned for my next post where I will share couple of my domain sales completed last month.

What has been your parking revenue for October 2014? Made any sale recently which you would like to share?

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8 years ago

Hi Abdul hope you will reach ur target with some good domains by this year end. And also Imran Khan Have to be innnnn. SO be it….

Hey Abdul recently i bought these domains please let me know ur views

8 years ago

Congrats Bro!

Konstantinos Zournas
8 years ago

Thanks for the update.
I wouldn’t rush to your 1000 domain name target.
Just let it come naturally because you will either end up overpaying or with bad domains.

8 years ago

If it’s any consolation, I just missed out on a couple auctions because of crap internet connection haha. Nightmare.

8 years ago

First time visitor here Abdul, however known you not-so-personally for quite sometime.

Figures and revenue on parking looks decent as of now, however do not rush to that 1k figure mark or else you will probably end up with bad names in the folio.

Look forward to connecting with you someday soon as we are just few miles apart as I am based out of Amritsar, Punjab and Pakistan’s border is mere 25 km from here and Lahore is about 40 km’s.

Good luck!

Andrea Paladini
8 years ago

“Also the prices have gone much higher and many crazy people are overpaying for domains which are worth far less than what they actually ends up paying for it.”
Totally agree with you, many people now have unrealistic expectations when it comes to price their (often junk) domains …
So take it easy and keep being selective … no need to hurry …

As regards the chaos in Pakistan, some people are really insane, as you can check here:
Take care and stay safe! 🙂

Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
8 years ago

“Our politicians are the most corrupted one’s in the whole world. Nothing to be proud but sadly it’s true.”

We feel the same here in the USA. Its disgusting and pathetic.

Andrea Paladini
8 years ago

Corrupted politicians abound here in Italy as well, and they are still sacking the country, together with organized crime and white collars criminals (banksters and friends …) … it’s time for a revolution!

And yes, I also hate overpaying for domains 🙂

8 years ago

Sir its nice to see your parking revenue, looking at this i am getting more and more inspired, sir i am new in this industry i want to know how domains are sold if you can explain in detail it will be very helpful.

8 years ago

Congrats Abdulbasit, Hope you’ll share the type of domains you’ve purchased recently in an another article. Thanks for providing these stats that shows parking revenues are still possible. Also it reflects your expertise in securing domains with good type-in-traffic.

Zaki Ahmed
8 years ago

Was waiting for this progress update post, Congrats and good steady going/growth. I think you should swap Your Goal of 1k Domain with 1k$ Parking Revenue.( may be its already on the list ) 15 Hrs Outage in city is too much, we have max 4 hours outage in a City in India in two spell of 2-2 hours Rizq (Sustenance) is destined ( as Domains also a part of this ), It will come to you, no matter what, If you are destined for it. But we should keep trying to get them with 100 % efforts and strategy.… Read more »

8 years ago

[…] mentioned in my previous post where I shared parking revenue for October 2014, I promised to share couple of domain sales I […]

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