Major changes to the domain portfolio

Hello everyone,

For the last couple of months or so, I was pretty busy playing around with the domain portfolio which as of today just crossed over 8,900 domains. I’ve worked hard in repricing almost the entire portfolio and have slashed it down from 20% to 60%. I saw incredibly good results last month which I believe was due to this change. However, to my surprise, I’m seeing exactly the opposite result this month. This shows how unpredictable the domain business is and how much one has to be patient to keep it going.

More than half of the sales happened for the domains I recently lowered the prices which shows that this tactic has worked very well. But I was wondering the reason behind the slowness in sales this month. I had 17 domain sales last month which is the most in numbers to date! So far this month there have been 3 sales and half the month is already over!

In January 2023, I’ve had a little over 8,100 domains and at NamePros I shared this:

“I’ve some 42% of domains priced at $9,888 and above.

Remaining some 58% are priced between $1,988‐$6,888.

My STR in 2022 was around 1.5%

My average sale price last year was over $6,000.

Had the worst year (2022) considering the numbers and quality of domains.

As of today, a little over 68% of the domains are priced between $1,988-$6,888 which is a major change from the start of this year considering the addition of 800+ domains so far. Only 31% of domains are now priced at $9,888 and above unlike 42% in January 2023. I’m fully confident of seeing some great results in the coming months due to this major change. I’ll try to share the results.

It would be nice to know how sales have come up for you in the last couple of months and so far this month?

On the other hand, I plan to share my sales more actively starting next year. I know many of my readers are anticipating that and I won’t disappoint you all.

Thank you!

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Exalo Hosting
1 month ago

It would be great to read about the domain sales, Abdulbasit.
Especially about where you had listed the domain for sale and about the negotiations with the buyer.

– Jan

1 month ago

nice to read about the update. are these sales outbound or just inbound sales?. i have very small portfoilo. my big mistake was to invest in other tlds. now i realized only investment should be in .com domains. i have learned my lessons. never follow the trends and buy only .com domains. second thing i realised as a new domainer that hand register domains sell less then the auction bought domains. thanks you for all the insights

1 month ago

It’s been slow but some of the fault is due to afternic brokers who don’t know how to close .I had mid 4 figure offers and told afternic brokers to accept and they went on holiday and left buyer for days and at the end they messaged up my sales . I have sales sales period where it is slow and then a five figure sales come in back to back .So it’s unpredictable. Another thing I do is with views,I can adjust prices but not less than 5 % but depending on the sector as I raise my prices… Read more »

Reply to  Meka
1 month ago

The problem with Afternic brokers — not much incentive to close. I wish GD would provide commissions. I had 3 excellent offers on domains and I saw the logs on buyer calls but i was informed they had disappeared — disappeared but data reflects their calls?

1 month ago

Thanks for sharing, sharing your sales will be very helpful to the domaining community, More sales to come inchaalah

Dee Man
1 month ago

Hi Abdul, hope you’re well. Nice to read about the changes to your domain portfolio. Can’t wait to read more on your sales. I think the STR for domain names is in the ranges of 1%-3%. Also, it depends on your marketing, monetization(e.g. fixed price sells faster because of multi listing service, impulse purchasers & other reasons), etc. BTW, why are using SH and stop using efty for your domain portfolio? Don’t forget using can help too and save you time, which lists your domains on afternic automatically. Just let go of whatever grudge you have with Dan and… Read more »

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