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Sold-first-domain-through-Name-Syndication-feature-of-DomainNameSales.comHello and Assalamo Alaikum everyone,

As mentioned in my previous post about my recent domain sale for which I would like to share little bit of. It was bought in 3 figs and sold for 4 figs. Not a big sale at all but still I was happy to fetch money for a .net domain I was not hoping to sell that so quickly. I mean .net are slow and selling in four figs is something nice. This CVCV was a name of person as well. Unfortunately I won’t be disclosing the domain for some reasons.

But let me tell you one interesting thing which for me is really a big achievement. I am getting over 40 genuine domain inquiries each month but as you can see I have sold just one domain this year. The main reason behind that is to get maximum $$$$ I can fetch and/or with the team of Right now I am in the position of holding my inventory for quite some time even I don’t make any quick cash and still buying out domain names.

Generally I don’t invest in domains but this was nice looking and bought last year. I just checked my portfolio and found that I have few more domains.

As you know I have already enabled the feature of domain syndication with so I can receive inquiries through GoDaddy and DomainTools which are automatically forwarded to DNS team and if the domain is sold the commission of DNS is fixed 20%.

The interesting thing about this deal was I received email from Phillip Hutauruk, Domain Broker from as what I am asking for this domain because they had an interested buyer for it. I simply replied with giving 100% freehand to ask any amount he thinks is worth and can sell it!

Just after 3 days I got an update from their transfer specialist the domain being sold for $x,xxx and I can proceed by simply pushing the domain to their GD account. The rest formalities were completed in next couple of days.

I am quite happy with the price domain sold for and they deserves 20% commission because they make the process so swiftly and keep things crystal clear.

Normally I provide them my asking price or get their suggestion based on which we decide what to ask but for very few domains I just toy around and see what will be the outcome.

Another thing I liked about them is the faith they had in me. They could have stop moving forward before getting price from me but they simply moved on when I gave them green signal to ask any amount they think my domain is worth of.

Hats off to Phillip Hutauruk, Helki Weber (domain transfer specialist) and the entire DNS team for being so friendly and keeping things very simply.

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7 Responses to “Sold first domain through Name Syndication feature of”

  1. Phillip says:

    Great post Abdul !!

    Its always a pleasure working with you. Looking forward to the many more opportunities to work together in the future!


  2. AbdulBasit says:

    Thanks Phillip for coming and giving your precious time! Really appreciate that 🙂

    Surely we will have many more successful deals to come this year.

    Thanks once again for everything!

  3. Tauseef says:

    AbdulBasit Congrats!

    This is the kind of news I like the most from my fellow domainers. And, happy to note that you’re getting good inquiries on your domains. Are you sending any end-user emails?

  4. AbdulBasit says:

    Thanks Tauseef.

    To be honest I have completely stopped sending emails to endusers because the number of inquiries I receive are okay for me. One of my mini goal was to stop writing to endusers and get direct inquiries from them which is better for me. Couple of reasons come to mind right now why not writing them is good idea:

    1) The potential buyer have come knocking your door which gives you the privilege to ask him make offer.

    2) No desperation is shown from your end because the buyer has come to you first. You are in the driving seat first up.

  5. Tauseef says:

    Thanks for the comment.
    Above, I think you can link the DNS picture to their website.

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