January and February 2014 domain parking revenue updates

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,January-and-February-2014-domain-parking-revenue-updates

I just forgot to post the January revenue stats so I decided to put two months update together.

It’s been quite nice start off to new year for me. Didn’t sold a domain until last week (for which I will make a separate post) this month but was still happy with how things were going. Parking revenue is getting better as I am adding more domains to my portfolio all the time. As mentioned in one of my previous posts I have now over 500 domains and for the last two months January and February 2014 I am making over $500 p/month.

So now I can see the consistency in parking revenue quite a bit because when there is revenue in $500 range for the last 3 months there is some consistency but this must be growing because I am always adding some domains every month to my portfolio. Still my buying strategy is to buy domains which can sold down the road at high profit and don’t care if there is not much type-in traffic because I want to make big chunk out of that domain instead of making pennies every day. It looks like this strategy is paying off well to me slowly but steadily…

Any comments and feedback is welcome no matter how good or good they are 😉


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3 Responses to “January and February 2014 domain parking revenue updates”

  1. […] mentioned in my previous post about my recent domain sale for which I would like to share little bit of. It was CVCV.net bought […]

  2. Ivan says:

    $ 500 p/month with 500 domains?!?
    I would be really curious to see you portfolio. This is the proved demonstration that parking platforms are keeping all the money releasing whatever they want to whoever they want. Good to see they are treating you at least decently even if they surely are gaining much more money like all the other platforms from your domains…).

    Parking is one of the largest fraud in human history (about money and not only).

  3. AbdulBasit says:

    Thanks for coming and your comment 🙂

    Yes, $500 p/month on average for 500 domains.

    99% of domains are parked with DomainNameSales.com and they give much bigger share to their partners and keep little for themselves.

    I believe what they say and are surely giving a lot to their partners not only the % on parking revenue but their platform is very friendly and gives extra information about the prospect which no other parking service gives. That gives better idea on understanding the inquirer and we can quote according to the situation and keeping inquirer in mind…

    You can see some of our domains at http://www.abdulbasit.com/domain-investments

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