Previous domain owner wants to take me in court!

Previous-domain-owner-wants-to-take-me-in-courtYou will find this quite interesting and funny. As many of us buy domains through auctions and recently I acquired a .net which I thought was good for reselling purpose and got for mid 3 figures. After acquiring it for 40-50 days I was contacted by the previous owner of the domain asking me to transfer back domain to him as there was some problem with the company he registered the domain. I wasn’t sure what he was actually referring to because of the broken non-English language.

He even said in his initial message that he will be taking me to court if I don’t transfer the domain back to him. It’s a generic term and there is no trademark with that keyword. It’s a short brandable word which must not have any trouble but isn’t he trying to scare me 😉

I have recently parked that domain with InternetTraffic and he came through by clicking the sales link and even tells me that how come you are trying to sell my domain. Well, I think I need to get his permission before I put the domain for sale 😉

I haven’t respond him yet and doesn’t need to do at least for now. It’s my first experience with a person wants to take me in court if I don’t transfer the domain to him in timely manner.

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Have you experienced anything like that? Care to share your story?

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5 Responses to “Previous domain owner wants to take me in court!”

  1. Sounds like the previous domain owner is rethinking the fact that he sold the domain. Chances are he might of received an offer for the name after he sold it to you. Whatever it may be, threatening to sue you isn’t the way to go about this. Good post!

  2. AbdulBasit says:

    Thanks for coming and sharing your view. That’s possible but I forgot to mention that in broken language he was trying to explain the domain is his company name for long time and just forgot to renew it.

    It’s been over 10 days since I heard from him. Will be updating this post if I receive any more threatening message from him.

    Once again thanks very much for your time 🙂

  3. Keith says:

    You have his name, presumably.

    Try to find out the company’s details and an email contact. Then email them to see if this man works for them and is their IT person.

    If he does, then his career is about to end unless he pays you a high figure.

    If he doesn’t, then offer the company the domain name for a high figure.

    On the slight chance that the company has a trademark, if the date of first registration is before the trademark date, then you are safe.

    Any questions, just ask. I’m not an expert but I’ve learnt a lot about this stuff.


    • AbdulBasit says:

      Keith, Thanks for coming and sharing your experience and opinion.

      The person (from Sweden) tried to threaten me was the owner of that company. I don’t think he is serious enough to buy the domain back because checking through I found the domain was never developed since he owned it.

      I found there is no trademark for this word and won’t be an issue. Buying that domain through expired auction keeps the registration date original.

      It’s over 1 month since his query. I never responded back because it seems unworthy. If he is serious enough I think he would come back again… Than I can start communication with him..

      What do you think?

  4. Keith says:

    Incidentally, where is this company based?


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