How to make or lose a fortune in domaining –

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I received following email from which I wanted to share and it’s really interesting specially for the domainers.


“Did you know that the average growth of domain prices has been in excess of 7.3% per year over the last 10 years? 4-letter domains rise even faster, 9.3% growth per annum over the last 10 years.

Here are some extraordinary results we’ve seen in the past: was bought for $80.55 and sold for $12,500 in 4 months was bought for $2,444 and flipped for $15,900 in 6 months was bought for $1,500 and sold for $20,000 just 21 days later

However, one of the biggest risk to this amazing growth is the risk of losing a domain to fraud and chargebacks.

A chargeback happens when a seller uses a stolen credit card to buy a transaction, and the seller is forced to repay the credit card’s real owner. When you’re trading domains, PayPal and your bank don’t protect you from most frauds or chargebacks. protects you and your business against fraud and guarantees zero chargebacks.

Ready to start building your business without the risk of fraud?”

This year I have started buying domains more aggressively as long term investment and surely they are going to pay off well. I still see these LLLL are undervalued especially Western letters and I am going more after them.

I find these stats really impressive. What do you guys think about it and the future?

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Eric Borgos
8 years ago

That is interesting. I have never seen a historical domain name price chart like that before.

8 years ago

Thank you for the good information. What is your opinion on the LLLL.coms with mixture of Chinese and Western letters like

John Harrison
8 years ago

I like the short market too and I think there is a lot of value in “lesser quality” LLLL.coms. For example LLLL.coms that contain the letter ‘V’ are not favoured by either the Western or Chinese investors. However, just as we’ve seen with new markets and new languages showing interest in letters like ‘X’ ‘Z’ and ‘Y’, the same will happen with LLLL.coms with the letter ‘V’in time.

8 years ago

AbdulBasit, I like this nugget of information. I think PayPal and others too providing such a protection.

mithun vijay
mithun vijay
8 years ago

Abdul, i have only one domain, i am confused about holding that,, what you think..? will be a GEM in future or should i sell it nw..? atleast i get mid$xxx

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