New record in domain parking revenue for May 2015


Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I was late in publishing the parking revenue for May 2015 as I got an accident due to which I am typing with one hand. I am hoping to get well by next month In Sha ALLAH 🙂

As per my goals set for this year it seems I am in the right direction. I just ended up by making very little over $1,000 in domain parking which was a real good sign. The most important thing is to have consistency and will be closely looking to those domains which are making most of the revenue.

I bought a domain recently which I found to have been making good in revenue overall. It has backlinks of over 500k which in my opinion is huge in numbers.




Total visitors – 70,000+ (huge decline comparing to previous months).

Total clicks – 3,300+ (Again less number of clicks comparing to previous months).

Total parked domains – 1,000.

Total revenue – $1,000 (Better revenue comparing to many previous months)

Top 5 niche which made the most – Insurance, Insurance, Brandable, Cooking, Games.

$$ made on a single day – $136 (Highest revenue on a given day).

RPM – $14.04 (Highest so far in overall RPM).

CTR – 4.57% (Not as good as in past).

I found there was significantly less visitors compare to previous months and finally I reached the mark of 1,000 in having that number of domains in my portfolio. But at the end I like the revenue to be the most and doesn’t matter much how many visitors come 😉

I need to reach my goal of selling 20-24 domains this year as I need to focus on selling more domains and take whatever decent profit I am getting which is still not up to the mark.

I think this is the slowest post I have ever made in typing and I hope there are no typing errors 😀

How was your revenue since the start of this year? Care to share your recent domain sale(s)?

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5 years ago

How many domains are you parking in total? And how much of the $1,000 is earned by your top 10 parked domains?

Doron Vermaat
5 years ago

I think you missed a 0 for Total visitors Abdul 🙂 I wish you have a speedy recovery!

Richard Hearne
Richard Hearne
5 years ago

Have you considered pointing all domains to DNS sales landers for a month to see if sales go up? Just one or two sales would surely make more than parking?

Curious on your thoughts, and expect short answer typed with one hand 🙂

Take care and get well soon!

5 years ago

Where do you park your domains?

5 years ago

as salaamu alaikum
very sad to hear about accident.
Hope you will recover very quickly. Inshallah

Congrats on this 1k$ achievement.
Way to go.

Vijay Narada Kumar Pilla
Vijay Narada Kumar Pilla
5 years ago

Hey that’s gr88 Abdul….

Get well soon Bro… 🙂

5 years ago

Dear Sir,

Can you disclose your domain name , which earn highest in Parking

5 years ago

السلام علیکم
Dear Sir,
How many total INSURANCE domains do you have,
What is parking revenue of only Insurance domains in the month of MAY 2015

Best Regards,

Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
5 years ago

السلام علیکم

Thanks for highly valuable and knowledgeable replying.


Best Regard

5 years ago

Get well soon AbdulBasit. Congrats on your 1k Portfolio and revenue. Surprised to know what brandable made money on parking as brandables tend to not have good type-in-traffic.

5 years ago

Dear Sir
السلام علیکم
I am very new in domain work.
What is the BACKLINK
How these BACKLINKS are attached to parked domain?
Either these are attached to parked domain automatically or we have to do some thing manually to for increasing or decreasing the BLACKLINKS?
Is there some advantage of BLACKLINKS of parked domain.
How i check backlinks of my parked domain?

Saeed from Mirpukhas

5 years ago

Insha Allah you will recover very soon.May Allah blessing be upon you. Another congrats on achieving your goal.

Omar Negron
5 years ago


Congrats on hitting you goal my friend. Glad you were able to accomplish it.

Keep it going!

5 years ago

Get better Abdul! Thanks for the post.

4 years ago

Hi Basit,
In what ways we can increase CTR on parked domain. I am struggling with CTR as it isn’t significant to earn decent amount of money. And how did you have 500K backlinks for your domain? How do you rank your parked domain. Let me know about these cuz I am really disappointed due to the CTR which is making very less revenue for me. I hope you will read my comment. Thanks!

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