Some 2017 last quarter sales and 2018 starts with high 4 figure sale

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I think this is the longest gap of posting about domain sales but honestly speaking, I didn’t had much action at my end to post or some outstanding sale of 5 or 6 figures.

Still I would like to share some of the last quarter sales (2017) and this year begins with a bang when I first sold my 3L .co domain and that too at BIN for $8,900.

BPI.CO – This domain was actually registered by someone when .CO was launched but was dropped next year in 2011 when I hand registered. During that time, there was no backordering service for .CO domains and I was lucky to grab it as soon as I saw it was available to register.

Fast forward to 2016, I received an offer of $1,000 on it through Sedo (buyer from US) when I had listed with Make Offer only. I countered with $15,000. It took more than a week of unsuccessful negotiation whose snapshot I have attached below:


Honestly speaking, I wasn’t disappointed at the time buyer cancelled the negotiation but I realized some time later that I must have accepted.

A year and half later, someone from China bought it. That was high risk by not accepting $8,250 as we are not sure of how many more years we have to hold the domain and what it will finally sell for. Anyhow, it ended all well and I’m happy with my first 3L .CO sale.

And in last year quarter, few of my sales included: – Used Payoneer Escrow service and I was amazed with their service and swiftness on the entire process. Initially quoted $2,888 and buyer countered with $2,000. Gave him some information about some previous sales in similar range and gave my final price of $2,500 which was accepted and ended up selling it successfully. – Afternic partner seller executive (Cameron Cortez) contacted with an offer of $1,500 whereas I had BIN of $3,888. He asked if there is any flexibility but I remained firm on it. Later buyer increased the offer to $2,900 which now made gap look closer. I revised my price to $3,500. Buyer countered with $3,200 which I declined. Next came in $3,300 which I accepted.

During that period, I found a great domain listed at Afternic for $2,000 BIN and I contactedΒ Cameron by giving $1,000 as my offer in order to help in getting that domain. He came back with $1,700. Eventually I ended up buying it for $1,500 and was really happy to acquire it. I may share the domain some time later… Thanks to Cameron! $1,888 (BIN through Afternic). – This was an interesting sale last year. I saw NamePros member (@Nikul Sanghvi) reported his sale of HYPR.CO for $2,000. I immediately recalled my domain and started research on who acquired and eventually contacted the new owner by letting him know the reason of contacting is since he acquired the .CO so there could be interest of buying the .net as well with a price tag of $3,888 . He countered with $1,000. I countered with $3,000. Received $1,500 by informing with no budget due to recent acquisition of .CO version.

I finally revised my price to $2,800 + escrow fee split between both parties. Also added condition that the price is valid for next 48 hours only. Next… offer was accepted. Deal done and dusted πŸ˜‰

Many thanks to Nikul for sharing the sale and that’s what keep all of us going forward in one way or another. – This was my last year’s last sale but my first hyphenated domain sale! Buyer approached directly through Uniregistry lander and I quoted $3,888. Buyer $1,000. As the year was ending, I revised my price to $3,500 with condition of making payment within that month only. Buyer said “the maximum that I can give is 2000. If this is not enough, then unfortunately I will have to look for another option.”

I declined and stick to my offer. Next day, I got an email from his partner of agreeing upon my price and we completed the deal through Payoneer Escrow. A big thanks to Brandon Abbey who is one of the nicest person I have worked in domaining industry and I’m really happy using this new escrow company.

Feel free to share your past and/or recent domain sales and give feedback on my sales.

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Jamie Zoch
6 years ago

Thanks for sharing Abdul! Your a tough negotiator, the ScottHall one shows that. Declined the offer at $3,200 to accept $3,300! Risky though.


K.J.Haroon Basha
6 years ago

Congratulations Abdul Basit for those profitable sales.

paul k
paul k
6 years ago

Thanks for sharing sales and annotating.

This info helps me temendously….because I bid against you and others and see names that were won and I wonder about prices etc.

I can tell you the majority of my sales are in the $2-$5K range and that keeps me chugging along.

Thanks again and good luck in 2018!


6 years ago

Thanks for sharing your sales in so much detail, great to read and learn from!

6 years ago


thanks for sharing this detailed infos with us – priceless!

Congrats and I wish you great sales in future!


6 years ago

Big congrats, definitely a tough negotiator. It seems you have a sixth sense on knowing how bad the buyer wants a name. Every time I try to be tough. I get the silent treatment followed by cancelled negotiation. ?

6 years ago

This is inspiring, thanks man.

Brandon Abbey
6 years ago

Way to close out the year. Let’s have a great 2018! Thanks for the nice comments, we have a great team at Payoneer.

CryptoCurrency Domain Names
6 years ago

AbdulBasit, what made you register a 3L .co domain name? The TLD is not really mainstream, in my opinion. Or was it just the 3L that did it?

I have one .co domain name, a cryptocurrency one: BitcoinBank/co – they must have such a bank in Columbia, right?

Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
6 years ago

Thanks for sharing the link. It caught my attention that 80% of the names have a vowel in the middle.

Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
6 years ago of course. Just a typo.. I guess I have .COM still top of mind. πŸ™‚

Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
6 years ago

After reading your article a few days ago, I did some research on available .do domains – both free to register and aftermarket. The supply is disappointing, which is of course good for the market value. I will keep my eyes open to new opportunities.
Have a great day, AbdulBasit.

5 years ago

[…] last post about domain sales published earlier in January so I thought it’s the time to share some of the recent past sales which hopefully be […]

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