Domain parking revenue for April 2014

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

It wasn’t one of the pleasant months in domain parking. Even if the revenue remains intact I would say it’s on the downward side because I have been adding several new domains every month to parking platform.

At least 10 new domains are added under my DNS account but this time revenue went down. I have read for some other fellow domainers whose parking revenue have been down for the last month which is not a good sign. Although it was below $500 but well over $400 mark.

I made some category changes to some of my performing domains which resulted in less $$ but that was just one factor of having less revenue in last month.

I am hopeful to make not only $500 but well over that figure this month which has started quietly the same as previous one. I am confident because I will be adding some more quality domains which will help boost in revenue.

By the way, have you seen any downtrend in your parking revenue for the last month? Anyhow, I have some good news to share in my next post so stay tuned! 🙂

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6 years ago

Do you keep all your domains with DNS or do you have any other domains at other parking companies to compare against this?
Looking forward to hearing your good news too. Hope it’s word of a big sale to make up for the poor parking numbers 🙂

6 years ago

Hi Abdul, I find your posts very motivational.
Would you share some tip about how to find traffic domains?
I mean, which stats do you look at when you search for traffic domains? Also do you look more for type-in or backlinks? Would you give us some tip about this matter? There are a lot of tools/stats available but all they are more “SEO-oriented” other than “traffic-oriented”.


Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
6 years ago

Thanks Abdul,
So if I am right, you don’t look for type-in indicators but you find the traffic incidentally after you test the domain? You basically look for domains that could sell, and if they have traffic that’s a bonus, right? I ask because your parking stats are very good, so I imagine you specifically research/target park-able domains.

Reply to  AbdulBasit Makrani
6 years ago

Oh thanks, will come back to read that post the next month.
As for me, my stats are around $50/month on Voodoo, not stable.

6 years ago

[…] you remember I was hoping to have better next month in parking as mentioned in my previous month’s parking revenue post and I got it right. I added some more domains to DNS and was able to hit the $900 […]

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