Any of you had success in selling .CO domain names?

Any-of-you-had-success-in-selling-.CO-domain-namesI am curious to know if any one had real success in selling .CO domain names? Actually success can be defined in many ways by different people. I invested very little amount of money in .CO domains. Didn’t bought any domain in Landrush. Just pre-registered and hand registered domains only. Some of which I sold them at quite nice price. One of my notable .CO sale was Textbooks.CO which I sold for US$12,000. Rest were four figure sales.

I consider it success for myself because my five figure sale of .CO was hand registered domain like other sales. It’s interesting to know that I didn’t sold a single pre-registered domains. Only a handful of hand reg domains were sold to date.

While sharing this with you I recall one of my .CO sale. It was really funny and quick sale. I just completed one domain sale and the person’s email ID was ending with his company name .com and I thought to check if .CO is available and try to sell him. First step was to buy the domain and later I offered him. He simply laughed at me that I registered the domain recently and trying to sell him. He showed no interest and I kept that domain with me for 8-9 months.

As the expiration date was coming I thought to drop the domain because that was the only company who could have shown interest ever. Out of nowhere, that guy contacted me back and asked if the domain was still available. I asked him to make me an offer. That particular time I thought to renew the domain for at least one year because he has shown some interest in buying it. The initial offer was US$150 and ended up at US$1,000 and I grabbed that money. It was a 3 word .CO domain 😉

How is your experience in selling .CO domain names? Any success story you would like to share? Don’t be shy… Just do it 😉

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4 Responses to “Any of you had success in selling .CO domain names?”

  1. abe says:

    I had a modest success on PARKING .co since they are natural typos of .com’s I in general only deal with .com’s

  2. AbdulBasit says:

    Thanks Abe for sharing your experience with .CO domains. You are right. Most of the traffic on my .CO is typo as well of .com

    I invested may be high $xxx in .CO domains and so far made five figures profit from it!

    I don’t see much interest from end-users these days for .CO as it was in the first or second year of .CO launch.

    • abe says:

      as a licensed go daddy reseller, they asked my opinion on new coming tld’s last week, and equation is very simple, with more supply and same demand, prices will drop. Domains with page rank, backlinks, good history and traffic are the only ones that can really perform.

      • AbdulBasit says:

        True. I hope to see renewal prices dropping for .CO as well in the coming 2-3 years because of the gTLDs launch. And as always .com will remain the king no matter whatever .crap comes out.

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