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Thanks to the seller who renewed domain before pushing in my account!

Thanks-to-the-seller-who-renewed-domain-before-pushing-in-my-accountI won’t disclose for which domain I am talking about but you will still find interesting reading out.

I recently purchased a domain which was already renewed till mid of 2013. I always prefer to have the domain at GoDaddy but the seller wanted to push at the same registrar (which wasn’t GoDaddy). Once the payment was approved by, the buyer initiated the push under my account but it was really shocking to see the expiration date of the domain was 2015!

Once the domain was secured by me, I immediately sent message to the seller and asked why he was humble enough to renew the domain for not only 1 year but a couple of years. I never got any response from him so far. Although the deal has been completed few months back.

He wasn’t very friendly while exchanging emails. I was actually trying to acquire that domain for more than 1 year and he responded only 2-3 times and I sent him around 15 emails. Although he agreed to the price which was very much reasonable; no doubt about that. But I still wonder why he renewed the domain for 2 years before pushing to my account. The domain wasn’t transferred to another registrar from which I can assume of 1 year extension. It was simply a push to another account at same registrar. So it’s for sure the seller renewed the domain. I would give a big thanks to the seller who not only renewed the domain for couple of years without my permission 😉 but also sold the domain at reasonable price.

Have you experienced like this before? Any big heart seller you like this faced in the past 😉 ? I would love to hear your experiences.

I reached US$300 in domain parking with for January 2013’s been over couple of months with and the results are amazing. The revenue is going up and their sales platform is just perfect. It was nice little achievement to reach US$300 mark in domain parking which was for the month of January 2013.

My plan is to hit the four figure mark (minimum US$1,000) by the end of this year. Although this will happen only when I will keep on buying quality domains and getting rid of all crappy domains. Yes, I admit I have several domains which are worthless and will constantly be dropping this whole year as their expiration date comes.

For some it’s really difficult to hit the US$100 figure on monthly basis and there are some top domainers making decent five figures in domain parking every month. That depend on the quality of domains and the number of domains. I don’t compare myself to any one because I have very limited number of domains from which I will be dropping many as well.

I will keep you guys updated about my parking revenue every month so stay tuned and don’t forget to comment below.

So what do you think about my parking revenue for the last month? How much was your parking revenue and where do you currently park your domains?

My recent purchases since the beginning of 2013

recent-domain-purchasesI have been buying very limited number of domains every month. Today I will share some of my recent purchases: – Normally I avoid buying first and last names both together but when I get an opportunity to buy only first or last name I am always tempted to buy if the price is within my budget and meets my minimum requirement. – This is brandable domain with lot of potential. It can be used for any tech related, food, restaurant related business. – The name says it all. – Decent domain. Although it has V and F but I still like it. – I would love to have MedicalCenter or MedicalCentre but at the end it is what it is 😉 – It’s actually last name with apostrophe s. Without “s” would be great. – My first .info domain purchase. – My second .info acquisition and first coming to my portfolio.

After going through these purchases I have decided to stay focused on .com domains only and leave the rest. My indication was towards the purchase of .info domains. I still like them but they receive traffic under my expectation.

I would love to have your feedback on my recent domain purchases and feel free to share your recent domain acquisitions.

How many inquiries do you receive per month for your domains?

how many domain inquiriesThis is really one of the exciting question for every domainer. Everyone loves to receive inquiries and would like to end it successfully by completing the deal. Although most of the inquiries doesn’t go well. The main reason I have found is the inquirer never gets back to you after the initial email he has sent you. There can be many reasons for not sending second email.

The number of domain inquiries can vary from the number of domains and quality of domains. It’s the combination of both together. If one domainer has 1000 crappy domains and receives 5 inquiries per month compare to a guy who has 100 domains with same number of domain inquiries shows the difference. The guy with 100 domain is doing better in terms of receiving inquiries.

Currently I own roughly 200 domains and receive 15 inquiries on average per month. On one side I am reducing the number of domains and constantly drop them and the other side I am trying to focus only on quality .com domains which has increased the number of inquiries for me in the past few months.

It’s a different story how many inquiries do get converted into successful sales. That depends on the potential buyer and seller whether he motivated enough to sell or want to hold and get the premium price for his domain.

Any one would like to share how many inquiries you receive on your domains every month on average? And how many domains do you own altogether?

I just sold another .net domain name for US$2,000

.net domain sale for US$2,000, sold .net domain name, another .net domain sale

If you check this week’s DnJournal sales chart you will see one more successful sale of .net domain (Amazonia dot net) for US$2,000. It wasn’t a big deal though but still good considering it was a .net domain.

The buyer contacted me directly. Must have got my ID through WHOIS. Their initial offer was US$150. I countered with 3k. Than came 1.5k offer and finally we agreed at 2k.

I strongly suggest those domain owners who simply reject and never respond to lowball offers. It’s always good to communicate with the potential buyer. You can also try to educate them if they have no idea about the current domain market. They may have budget so you should at least reply to their query once.

I know most of the time we don’t get response back after the initial email from the potential buyer so that’s different story. We guys also receive lot of spam and I am sure many of the domain owners can differentiate which is legitimate inquiry compare to the spam one.

Any one like to give feedback on my sale? Would you like to share your latest sales?