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Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

For some of you this news isn’t new but I still wanted to share because recently I reviewed Uniregistry where I moved 65% of my domains and remaining will be moved there very soon…

Below is the email I received from DNS team and I have highlighted some important points (in bold) which were also the reasons to move to this registrar.

“Dear AbdulBasit,

Your friends at DomainNameSales.com would like to let you know about some exciting changes that will be taking place between now and Q1 2015. Our goal at DNS has always been to help you unlock the value of your domain name portfolio. The tools at DomainNameSales.com were originally developed to help bring liquidity to my portfolio of names; and later to those of InternetTraffic.com clients. To this day I use the same tools available to our customers, to sell my names and to clear transactions. Year to date I have sold more than last years total (12 million dollars) using the DNS platform. It is the platform that makes that possible.

We are very, very proud to see the first full version of Uniregistry reach its completion milestone. It wasn’t until 2 nights ago while managing several thousand names on behalf of a client that I realized the gravity of the site we’ve built. Uniregistry is absolutely the best available domain name registrar for managing large portfolios of names. It works brilliantly with a small number of names and it scales exceptionally if you have a portfolio of many thousands. Using the registrar last night gave me chills because it’s so good; so full featured, so fast and so robust. We set an incredibly high bar and the team here completely eclipsed their ambitions.

This is only the beginning though. With the completion of Uniregistry our development team has turned to the integration of our sales platform (which has brought so much prosperity to so many). In a few short months DNS will debut inside Uniregistry. Regardless of where your names live, you’ll soon be able to load names into the Uniregistry manager to better manage and sell your domain names. Names residing at Uniregistry will have even greater powers to sell than those provided via DNS today. The system will be easier. Uniregistry customers will be able to clear transactions on our merchant credit card system, use our payment-plan system and our integrated escrow services at very low cost. We will also syndicate your inventory across other registrars and large marketplaces to provide more sales inquiries.

In advance of these changes, new innovations keep coming. Recently we launched our Tracker to consolidate and identify names, now Uniregistry’s Documents.link feature (debuting this week), will let you store documents, legal notices and sales inquiries relating to domain-names — all inside the Uniregistry Manager. This useful system lets you email, store and maintain notifications received from outside parties using Uniregistry and the Amazon cloud.

As we integrate, it’s really important for you to become familiar with Uniregistry.com and these new features. Please take the time to create and explore your account, or contact our sales professionals at sales@uniregistry.com, so we can answer any questions and assist you with getting started. Please contact Sevan Derderian sevan@uniregistry.com and Frank Pavilonis frankp@uniregistry.com to schedule a consultation or if you have any questions.

Kindest Regards,

Frank Schilling”
I am always confident that DNS team will always come up with new innovations and it’s exciting to be part of this company. So far it’s great experience with DNS/Uniregistry and I will suggest one to use their platform and I believe you will definitely love it.

Feel free to share your experience with Uniregistry no matter how good or good it has been 😉

M8.com sold for $75,500 at SnapNames

M8.com-sold-for-$75,500-at-SnapNamesHello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I was in an auction for the domain M8.com at SnapNames and it ended up selling for $75,500. Although it seems the payment is still pending so will need to wait and see who actually the new owner is. I will update this post once the hand changes. Great domain though. Number 8 is always favorable among Chinese.

Do you think it was reseller or an enduser price?

UPDATE – I found the buyer of M8.com is the same guy who is using bidding alias “first” at NameJet and buying mostly every LLL.com and other high quality names. This guy is shelling out thousands of dollars every day. It seems a Chinese buyer and they are heavily investing in domains.

Exciting News to help you sell more domains!

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I just received an email from Afternic which might be interesting to you.

“Sell your domains registered with Wild West Domains using Afternic’s Fast Transfer DLS.

It’s Fast, Easy and Secure.

Dear AbdulBasit,

We noticed you have xx domain names registered with Wild West Domains. We’ve got some great news for you: They’re now eligible for Afternic Premium Promotion.

Exciting-News-to-help-you-sell-more-domainsWild West Domains has joined our network’s growing list of participating registrars. Now you can increase sales and get higher prices by reaching the broadest small business base available. With Premium Promotion, your domains will be listed on 100+ reseller websites; including WildWestDomains.com, eNom.com, and many others.

With Fast Transfer, your domains are transferred instantly when they sell. We take care of everything, so you can simply relax and enjoy your earnings (which will get to you even faster than before).

Just log into your account to list your domains with Premium Promotion. Or, simply contact our customer service team if you’d like a little listing assistance.


Afternic Customer Service
Toll Free 866-351-9586
International 781-839-7990″

I don’t use Afternic much and I might have sold couple of names to date. Also I haven’t listed all my domains there. If any one can share their successful experience with Afternic would be nice to understand more deeply.

My review on Uniregistry.com domain name registrar

Uniregistry, Uniregistry registrar, cheap and best registrarHello and Assalamo Alaikum,

More than a year back I wrote a post about reviews on some registrars through which I have dealt with and GoDaddy being my preferred registrar until last month but since than my priority has been changed and I have moved more than half of my portfolio to new registrar Uniregistry.com which is operated by Frank Schilling who also runs DomainNameSales where 99% of my domains are parked.

I would like to share my new little experience with Uniregistry and why I decided to move all my domains to them although right now 65% of domains are moved and the rest will be completed in next couple of months time In Sha ALLAH.

Frank Pavilonis (Account Executive) made me aware of their service and features which were quite impressive and I was able to make the decision quite easily. As everyone knows it’s not an easy task to move hundreds of domain out to a new registrar and get use to of their control panel.

Now let me tell you in detail so that will help you in deciding whether to register/transfer domains at Uniregistry.

First couple of issues for me were pricing and security and Frank was kind enough to provide me special registering/renewal/transfer pricing for the extensions I was most interested in such as .com, .net and .org. I can’t reveal what exact pricing I am offered but I would strongly suggest you to contact frankp@uniregistry.com (Frank Pavilonis) and see what they have offer for you. Overall, I am quite satisfied with their pricing customized for me.

As for security, I have always felt insecure at GoDaddy because they don’t offer two way authentication in most part of the world and my country is one of them. At Uniregistry, they offer 2 step verification after which I feel completely secure in terms of domain stealing. I always wanted this feature and it was one of the key feature which tempted me towards them.

As everyone admits that GoDaddy domain manager operates very slow but here you will find it pretty fast and I am very much satisfied making such decision.

Another major benefit is having live chat support with the entire team of DNS including the one’s at Uniregistry so you have any issues can just talk to them. Everyone is very friendly and cooperative. I found the entire team very helpful including the tech guys behind the scene as well as Frank Pavilonis.

For many of the domain investors the two most important things are security and pricing, both of which are provided at Uniregistry. They also offer free WHOIS privacy service which personally I don’t care as that is not a feature I am interested in…

Feel free to share your experience/feedback with Uniregistry if any. You can also ask questions directly or get in touch with Frank whose contact details are mentioned above.

Please note: this is NOT a paid post.

Four Figure Domain Sale and Parking Revenue for August 2014

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I think one domain sale a month suits me well. At the very start of this month I completed another sale for $5,000. I know many people who read about my last domain sale were not quite happy when I didn’t disclose the domain name. However, let’s share the name with you this time 😉 The domain was Spadille.com and there was a decent profit made from it. The inquiry came several months back and when I don’t follow up for 30 days the inquiry is automatically assigned to one of the DNS brokers and they try to keep in touch with the potential buyer and gives their best to make it successful sale at the end.

Once again the domain was sold through DomainNameSales.com brokered by Derek Marshall (first sale with Derek) and hopeful to make many more along with him. He handled nicely and I appreciate his support and friendly manner. Also I can never forget Escrow.com from where the deal was completed at the end. One thing I tell my friends that in my country banks get robbed and your lockers are not safe but when you deal with Escrow.com, your money is in safest hands and you don’t have to worry at all 🙂 Thanks DomainNameSales, Escrow.com and the entire teams of both.

Now I would like to share parking stats for August 2014.

Total visitors – 122,000+

Total clicks – 4,500+

Total parked domains – 725

Total revenue – $550

Top 5 niche which made the most – Games, Health, Music, VPN, Music

$$ made on a single day – $35

RPM – $5.17

CTR – 4.8%

There is one domain which is banned by Google and that received 27,000+ visitors with zero clicks and it was all paid per visitor and I have added those visitors in the above stats and excluded RPM and CTR from that. CTR and RPM went down and in actual revenue went down too because I added 25 domains but the revenue remained same so there should be some improvement and I will have to look into this issue as well…

What has been your parking revenue for the last month? Made any sale recently which you would like to share?