Thank you for your business

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Recently I closed a sale at with the help of a broker and I was impressed to see the creativity used by the DNS team.

Once the domain sale was over, the broker sent the below image to the buyer followed with some best wishes for this new acquisition. I really liked the idea and thought to share this with you. This can be helpful in making some more sales with the same buyer and to show good gesture.


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you sincerely for your recent purchase of
As a company, we hope that we provided you with the best service and that your new domain name brings you much success.”

I always like to keep in touch with the sellers from whom I buy domains privately as there is always a chance of striking another deal with that person in future. Once you have bought the domain privately, don’t just think it’s done and dusted. Try to keep in touch and you never know what’s new opportunity is coming your way.

How do you think about this idea?

Flippa Announces Free Escrow Service and Editors’ Choice

Flippa-Announces-Free-Escrow-Service-and-Editors'-ChoiceHello and Assalamo Alaikum,

I haven’t used Flippa very actively like some of the other people but recently I have been participating in auctions and watching out the trend of buying and selling of domains at Flippa.

I received an announcement from them which I wanted to share with you:

“Today, we’re excited to bring you two huge updates which will make your Flippa experience safer and more secure, plus it’s now even faster to find the best opportunities to buy…

1. Flippa Escrow (it’s FREE!) – every Flippa transaction is now completely secure via our free escrow service.

  • Transact with 100% confidence – a trusted vault secures your funds until both parties are satisfied
  • Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard and wire transfer, and payouts can be made to your nominated bank or PayPal account
  • Find out more about Flippa Escrow here.

2. Editors’ Choice – a curated marketplace experience, the best auctions, hand-selected just for you.

  • A carefully curated list of the best opportunities on Flippa, hand-selected by our experienced editorial team
  • Look for Editors’ Comments which feature the highlights and challenges we’ve identified for each business, there to assist you with your own due diligence
  • Just hit “Save this search” in the top right corner of the Editors’ Choice screen to receive email updates as new opportunities are added.

Browse the Editors’ Choice auctions for Websites here and Domains here.”

Those couple of new features are good and will make things more easier and flexible for the Flippa users. I expect to see more sales at Flippa from onwards.

Care to share your experience with Flippa as that will help others 🙂

Domain Expiring Tracker from

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

As many of you are aware of Frank Schilling that he is always coming up with something new and exciting. Today when I logged into my Uniregistry account, I found Expiring Tracker for which I wanted to share with you and how it can be helpful:





Track and monitor all of your domain names from one place with Expiring Tracker.

  • Monitor domains in your entire portfolio, whether at Uniregistry or other registrars.
  • Get a quick overview of what domain is expiring where and when.
  • Transfer domains directly to Uniregistry with a click of a mouse.

Tracking your domains couldn’t be easier.

  • Add any domains that you wish to track under the ‘Edit’ tab.
  • Any domains you have registered with Uniregistry will automatically show in the tracker.
  • Click the ‘Filter’ tab to bring up the filtering options.
  • Choose from a wide variety to refine your results.
  • You can also filter by registrar and transfer status.

Expiring Tracker from Uniregistry.comSelect Edit and “Add domains to Tracker” option for entering the domains manually as per your choice. Doesn’t require you to enter only domains which are owned by yourself. This is really a great tool for tracking any domains you wish to which will help you watching them closely and see if you can grab once they drop or auctioned off at any auction house.

Expiring Tracker from

You can also set preference by selecting “Send Weekly Report email” which will help you to review which domains to renew and drop on weekly basis.
I will be using this tool and let me know your feedback on this if you like to share something about it.

Thank You Frank Schilling and Uniregistry Team

Hello and Assalamo Alaikum,

Last year in November I received an email from Uniregistry asking about my address for sending out holiday gift. Yesterday I received the gift and it was a special cake sent from Frank Schilling and Uniregistry for which I wanted to say big thanks to them for sending me the special gift from Cayman Islands. Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cake was really tasty and we loved it.

Also I wanted to share the pics with you.




Thanks very much once again Frank and the entire team of Uniregistry. Wish you all the success in your endeavors 🙂

New Year starts with a Five Figure Sale

New-Year-starts-with-a-Five-Figure-SaleHello and Assalamo Alaikum,

As mentioned earlier about what my goals for 2015, one of which is to sell 20-24 domains so let’s make this sale as first for this year and I am happy to announce it’s a decent one to start off this new year.

Initially buyer contacted in November 2014 through platform where 99% of my domains are parked and starting offer was $1,500 for I asked them to make an offer in five figs for consideration. Shortly I received message from the guy saying we cannot make an offer in five figures for your domain.

Couple of weeks later, another guy from the same company contacted directly through WHOIS and offered $8,000 which showed seriousness and willingness to buy this domain. I countered with $25,000.

Next came their final offer of $11,000 and clearly told me that they have alternative options available and cannot offer anything higher than that due to non-approval from senior management.

I gave them some hindsight about the past sales of some five fig to educate about the current market and value of these domain names and also reduced my ask price to $22,000. Than there was a silence…..

After a fortnight, I forwarded the DNS lead to Jessica Ebanks who is one of the best domain brokers I have ever worked with and gave her all the info about the buyer I have researched so far and about the communications we initially had.

It was interesting to see the buyer who was really professional in handing this deal at his end as well and once again started his offer with $1,500. As Jessica approached her frequently and out of the blue they offered $15,000 with no room left to up their offer. At that point, it looked that would be their max offer but I already knew who the buyer is and how deep pockets they had 😉

Later Jessica gave some phone calls and buyer came and asked if Escrow fee, broker’s commission and all other associated fees will be paid by the buyer and I gleefully accepted. She explained the guy that only wire fee will have to paid at their end along with the agreed price of $25,000 for

Guess what’s next? The domain was sold at the price I initially asked for 🙂

Thanks to ALLAH Almighty for helping in achieving this sale successfully, the wonderful DNS platform, Jessica Ebanks and I can never forget who deserves great applause for handling it so smoothly and it was the fastest funds received I have ever seen from outside U.S to Escrow as the buyer was from Japan. Funds were secured by with 9 hours of buyer selecting wire option. I wish the buyer all the success with their new acquisition.

Feel free to share your feedback and have you made any sales since the start of this year?