Few of my recent past domain sales

Hi everyone,

It’s been a great time spending here in Malaysia. So far so good. It’s not easy to relocate in any part of the world straight away with family of small kids and that too solely relying on domain investing. Surely fellow domain investors understands more than anyone out there.

Today I’ll share some of my recent past domain sales happened before and after relocating to Malaysia except these sales which happened just after coming to Malaysia.

Flome.com – Received direct inquiry via Uniregistry lander and after quoting $2,888 for which initially got $2,250 offer. After giving the best and final offer of $2,500, buyer immediately accepted and made payment via Uniregistry checkout which has been working very smooth for me. As soon as the funds are secured by Uniregistry, they transfer the domain swiftly and credits your account and funds are released per your preferred payment method.

TotalHomeComfort.com – Acquired this domain last year from GoDaddy closeouts. Received opening offer of $1,250 for which I quoted $2,988. To add one thing here, all quoted prices are already set at Sedo, Afternic and their partner registrars so anyone can buy directly from there as well. And the same price is quoted to all potential buyers who inquire directly.

After the usual silence from buyers, got $1,750 as last and final offer. We quoted $2,600 as final price with no more negotiation space left. The buyer came with $2,000 by saying the budget doesn’t allow to move above any more. After around 15 days, out of the blue, the buyer came back and accepted the offer. Once again, we used Uniregistry checkout to complete the transfer and payment procedure.

ChicagoSurgical.com – There have been rare instances where we acquired domain names in bulk deal and this was one of them. Acquired for low 3 figures couple of years back and sold via Afternic BIN for $1,988.

GymMaster.com – Love to have such 2 word brandable domains in portfolio. This took bit too long to close the deal. Got $13,500 opening offer via Afternic broker. The listed price was $19,888 BIN. After going back and forth several times with the broker, we finally closed the deal for $15,000.

HammerApp.com – Sold via Afternic BIN for $1,588.

RegulatoryRisk.com – Sold via Sedo BIN for $1,988. Held this domain for more than 5 years.

CheeseMongers.com – Acquired this domain more than 6 years back. Received direct inquiry via Uniregistry lander and $3,988 was quoted for which initially $3,000 was made. This wasn’t bad offer at all considering the number of years the domain was held and some 3 figs was invested as well. After giving the best price we would accept was $3,750, the buyer immediately accepted. Once again we used Uniregistry checkout which worked very smoothly.

4CEE.com – Creativity and brand-ability is involved in this domain. Acquired this domain several years back and was having BIN of $2,588. Sold at BIN price via Afternic.

GlowupBeauty.com – This was an interesting domain sale. Acquired the domain late August this year for low 3 figures. Put up the domain for $1,988 BIN and was sold via Afternic. With 60 days transfer lock period, domain remained with me for a month period and was later transferred to Afternic.

Kalpavruksha.com – Domain was acquired earlier this year via GoDaddy Auctions for 2 figures and some time back sold for $1,988 BIN via Afternic. During the entire period of holding the domain, got several inquiries via Uniregistry broker and direct lead. However, nothing worked as buyer got stuck at $1,200 and $1,500. I remained firm at $1,988 with no interest to negotiate.

Online-Auto.com – I’m not fond of buying hyphenated domains. However, paying $59 isn’t that bad either for such a domain. Acquired it last year and sold via Afternic BIN for $1,988.

SimplyHis.com – Another domain acquired for $59 last year. And also sold via Afternic BIN for $1,988.

Cloud22.com – This domain was acquired around mid this year for 3 figures. Received direct inquiry and quoted $5,888. The buyer was very nice gentleman to deal with and a good negotiator as well. Buyer initially offered $4,000. We quoted $5,500. After several exchanges of emails, the buyer raised his offer to $4,500. At the end, we both agreed to finalize the deal at $5,000 and sealed the deal via Sedo escrow where the buyer paid the Sedo escrow fee as well.

Mmmore.com – Another domain acquired for $59 and later sold via Afternic BIN for $1,988.

It’s obvious that BIN sales are working the best and the best platform for selling BIN domains is Afternic. Since I’ve been sharing my domain sales and acquisitions, at the same time I would like to share that now the portfolio consists of 3,300 domains. The sale ratio is 2-2.5% per year and targeting towards 3% in 2020.

Also I would like to add that one of the above domain sale was in partnership with my good friend and well known domain name and domain research specialist Jamie Zoch who’s the founder of DotWeekly.com as well.

Although the year is going to end next month, I can easily say that this is one of the best year both in terms of domain sales and acquisitions. I’ll make sure to publish some domains acquisition post later this month or the next month for sure which will have the best of the best domains added to my portfolio this year.

Feel free to give your feedback. Also if you would like to share your recent sales, please do so.

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Very Impressive Abdul.
Thanks for sharing.


Considering all your domains are parked at uniregistry, you do very little sales given all your domains point directly there, kind of interesting to notice that.

Abdul khan
Abdul khan

Aslam allekum Abdul bhai…kabhi eas fan ko bhi yaad kar liya Karo…haha..Great sharing…keep sharing … You are a great domainer… If possible send me some tips…its always great reading yours article… Please write it often..enjoying Malaysia???

Konstantinos Zournas

Nice sales! Congrats.
GymMaster.com nice name and even nicer price!

Andrew Hyde

Thanks for sharing your sales


Hello Abdul,

Very nice sales, although I am most impressed with the 3 word (which is a redirect to a home heating and cooling site) and the hyphen (which I see is already developed.
Congratz on all sales and on your move as well.



Great sales as usual. Congrats on the continued success.

Paul Haughney

Great to see more of your sales AbdulBasit. I especially like the GymMaster.com domain sale. Great purchase by you and even better sale. Long may your success continue.

Ibrahim Khan

I love your numbers and more important the details you provide for every sale.

Vinod Reghunathan

You really are an Inspiration. Great work, thanks for sharing all the details.

satyadeep singh
satyadeep singh

Nice sell, when you buy domains what is look on the name?

Arpen Tucker

Congrats Abdul and thanks for the sharing. Great work as always

Quick question – for the domains you list with BIN – do you have BIN only or BIN/Make offer?




[…] the chart this week with the $15,000 sale of GymMaster.com. He shared the following details at his blog: “Got $13,500 opening offer via Afternic broker. The listed price was $19,888 BIN. After going […]


[…] the chart this week with the $15,000 sale of GymMaster.com. He shared the following details at his blog: “Got $13,500 opening offer via Afternic broker. The listed price was $19,888 BIN. After […]


[…] I recently published a post with several of my recent domain sales, today I wanted to share another domain sale with complete detail of how it started and the deal […]


Recently motherhost.com sold in namestar.com for $3500


GymMaster.com is a valuable name and a good sale as well. Good job Abdul.