My first and last experience with as seller

Hi everyone!

I’ve had some 3K domains listed with Dan a long time back but never bothered to add the remaining one’s because I’ve never had a sale through them until yesterday.

I’ve bought several domains through Dan by private sellers and always had a smooth and overall great experience.

But last week I concluded my first domain sale via Dan and I wanted to share my experience with you all.

Unfortunately I cannot share the domain name because the buyer requested not to do so which is not an important thing in sharing all this. The domain had a BIN of $2,988 at Afternic/Sedo and the buyer tried negotiating but I remained firm and sold it for the BIN price.

Buyer paid via bank transfer and Dan offered him a 1% discount for making the payment with this method which is good. However, I was charged the same 9% which is still not bad since I had to pay 20% to Afternic and 15%-20% to Sedo commission. Payment was well received and processed in no time which I admire their quick service and even the payout was done in hours. The entire process took just several hours which was great to see.

The problem I found was that when Dan informed me that “Unfortunately, we can’t process transactions above $2k through PayPal without charging an extra fee of 4% (Which PayPal is charging us). Can you please update your banking details so we can proceed with the payout?”

And my response was “That’s not done. This is my first transaction as a seller with your company and you’re asking to charge me 4% just for sending payout via PayPal!

I’m receiving much larger payouts from Sedo and Afternic and they charge me nothing. I would like you to send in full or in batches but I don’t want to pay any fee.

Then Dan responded this “We understand this was unexpected and have made an exception this time. This payment has been sent to your PayPal account without the extra fee.

Could you please update your banking details for future payments over $2k.

Payment was received in a flash without any deduction for which I thanked them and wanted to share it with you as well.

I’ve always had the reservations for not trying Dan landers which I’ve already discussed several times over NamePros and privately but I wasn’t aware of this problem where they charge 4% for sending payouts of over $2,000. And anyone following my blog is well aware that most of my payouts are over $2,000. Sedo and Afternic don’t charge anything for any amount of payouts sent to PayPal.

So in short, anyone selling a domain via Dan and willing to receive payouts by PayPal will end up paying 13% of your sales amount. 9% commission on the sale price plus 4% PayPal fee charged by Dan.

I wonder why the domain sellers at Dan say of paying only 9% commission whereas you pay 13% commission in total who’re receiving the payouts of over $2,000 via PayPal.

And here comes the gimmick from Dan which was the most frustrating part dealing with Dan and I’ll NEVER use them as a seller in the future. I’ve gone ahead and deleted my entire portfolio from Dan.

So what happened is I came to know that Dan with their new model is offering 1% discount to the sellers IF the buyer is going to pay Dan via bank transfer.

Here is the exact quote copied from NamePros under clause 3:

“In the new model, the seller even gets a 1% discount when the buyer pays with Bank Transfer.”

As per 8% commission, I should’ve received $2,748.96.
As per 9% commission, I should’ve received $2,719.08

I received $2,721.47 which is close to after the deduction of 9% commission.

Now calculate this. The sale happened for $2,988 – 8% commission = $239.04
$2,988 – $239.04 = $2,748.96

But in actual, I received $2,721.47 which is short of $27.49

For this, Dan gave me silly explanation copied below:

We offer buyers a 1% discount on their purchase when they submit the payment via Bank Transfer. Only when the buyer opts for this discount payment method do we discount our commission by 1% as to the seller. 

This applies to the final price the buyer pays and not the price before the buyer’s discount. 

Our standard commission is 9%. If the buyer does not opt to pay via Bank Transfer, we charge 9% commission. 

In this transaction, if the buyer paid via a different payment method, the buyer would not have received a discount and our fee would have been 9%. 

This would have been calculated as follows: 

Full price: $2988,00
Our fee: 9% (268,92)
Your Payment: 2988-9% = $2719,08

The buyer however paid via Bank Transfer. We therefore provided the buyer a 1% discount. 

This is calculated as follows:

Full price: $2988,00
Buyer’s discount: 1% (29,88)
Buyer’s final price: 2988-1% = $2958,12

Since the buyer received a 1% discount, we charged you a discounted commission of 8%. Please note that this is calculated from the final price the buyer paid after the buyer’s commission was applied. 

In this transaction, the total paid by the buyer was $2958,12 after the discount was applied. Your payment is therefore calculated from this value and not the initial price before the buyer’s discount. 

This is how your payment was calculated:

Buyer’s final price: $2958,12
Our discounted commission: 8% (236,65)
Your payout: $2958,12 – 8% = $2721,47

Important to note your payment is calculated from the final fee after the buyer’s discount was applied.”

If this was the case that Dan mentioned, then why the hell did they say at NamePros that in their new model, the seller even gets a 1% discount when the buyer pays with Bank Transfer? Because no matter how the buyer pays with, the seller was already getting their cut after 9% commission.

So Dan charged me 9% on the sale amount or 8% commission on the buyer’s final price. In short, I actually received the amount after 9% commission.

So they should either take back their 1% commission they’ve started offering without actually giving or give it in real.

Feel free to give your feedback no matter how good or good it is 😉

My take on Afternic NS5/NS6 lander

Hi everyone,

I’ve been asked by several fellow friends about the new Afternic NS5/NS6 BIN lander. I thought to share it with everyone else as well if more people are interested to hear my thoughts.

One thing is common with both the BIN (ns5/ns6) and contact form landers (ns3/ns4) and that is having a contact number to call the Afternic brokers.

The main point why I’m reluctant in trying out the BIN lander is in some cases I’m willing to accept the lower price than the BIN depending on the domain, offer, need of cash flow, etc. Due to this reason, there are chances where the buyer won’t even bother contacting because of the BIN option only.

Another reason for which I’m not sure but I would still like to share it. When someone inquires about a domain via contact form, I’m fully aware that Afternic brokers do follow-ups with any serious buyer but for the BIN landers where the buyer only has the option to contact via phone number, I’m not too sure if the brokers do follow-up with them as well.

Another reason is that for U.S buyers, there is a toll free number which is easier for anyone in the U.S to contact but when it comes to some other part of the world from which the U.S calling charges are not cheap like from any Arab countries and many more. So only having the contact number and no other option to reach out to the broker/buyer may lead the potential buyer to walk away?

Feel free to give your feedback if someone has tried the BIN landers and how’s your experience compared to the contact form landers.

Also if anyone would like to add some more reasons of why the contact form lander or the BIN lander is better, you’re welcome to do so.

Secret behind my Afternic pricing

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to share the secret or the reasoning behind my pricing especially at Afternic. Although I keep the same pricing at every platform whether the inquiry comes via Afternic, Sedo, direct or elsewhere.

There is a calculator for calculating Afternic commission and I know many of our sales are in the range of below $5,000. Actually it matters when your price is $5,001 and especially $25,000 and above that level.

So whenever you’ve a sale of $5,000 or below that level at Afternic, you tend up to pay a fixed commission of 20%. However, for instance a domain you sell for $24,888 then you’ll end up paying up a commission of $3,983 which is exactly 16% commission of the sale price.

Now the interesting part is when you sell a domain just for $1,000 more which means $25,888 then you’ll end up paying a commission of $4,088 which is almost 15.8% commission of the sale price. I know for some domain sellers, the 0.2% commission is not a big deal but you’ve to think that when a buyer is willing to pay $24,888 then of course they can pay $25,888 as well.

And you know what… as the sale amount increases, the commission drops significantly. For example, if you remember I sold for $50,000 via Afternic BIN, so I ended up paying exactly 13% commission if you calculate through their calculator.

Yeah I know the big sales don’t come that often but I’ve seen many investors selling their domains for $24,888 or $24,000 so this post is especially for them to understand and revise their prices.

In short, if you see their sales commission structure and study it, you’ll know that as the amount increases, their overall commission decreases. So keep their commission structure in mind when pricing your domains.

Feel free to give your feedback no matter how good or good it is 😉

Spike in inquiries/sales for newly purchased domains?

Hello everyone,

This year I’m clearly noticing a spike in inquiries and sales coming for the newly acquired domains whether through auctions or private purchases. To clarify one thing, with recent I mean within the 6 months period of acquisition. It shows that endusers are more watchful and waiting for those domains to have a proper sales lander to be contacted because many of them have no idea how to contact the domain owner especially after the GDPR implementation.

I’ve not only seen an increase in the number of inquiries but most importantly I’ve sold a very few domains as well this year after buying it this year itself.

Take one of my recent domain sales examples which I acquired for $199 via DropCatch on 11th November 2020. I sold it for $19,888 on 16th April 2021.

If anyone wants to know how I evaluate my domains can check this out.

Have you experienced such a thing in recent times? I would love to hear your side of the stories 🙂

Worst registrar of my 10+ years career

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to make you all aware of registrar which is the worst registrar I’ve ever dealt with in the last 10+ years. I’ve been using many bad registrars like NetworkSolutions,, Hexonet and many more but have beaten all of them.

So what happened is I bought several .CO and .ME domains from the previous domain owner. I had a massive problem communicating with the seller due to language issues which took many months to complete the deal but the registrar was another headache for me to deal with. The seller was reluctant to provide me authorization codes for every domain we completed the deal with because he thought the registrar had previously locked his domain for a 60 days period when he tried to transfer out that way. This I don’t believe it because the domain might be already in the 60 days transfer lock period. So for that reason, all the domains were first pushed into my account before I could transfer out.

Now here the problems got started. First was that the seller had to start an internal transfer request for a .CO domain for which the seller had to make a payment of roughly $25 to Domeny. Once they’ve received the funds, they manually accepted the transfer request which had several steps of approval to get from their internal departments. Once the domain was transferred to my account, another headache was coming up, this time upon me. I had to request for a form to be provided which had to be filled, signed and returned back which was another step to delay the transfer out process.

Once that was manually approved by this shitty registrar, they used to ask me to pay a transfer out fee which was once again roughly $25. Now here I’m using “roughly” word because they charged in their own Polish currency but since I was paying in USD so there were some cents up and down for every authorization code I want to receive.

After the authorization code was made available into my account which they usually were saying will take another few days to get it done but after all my requests in this regard, they were making it available the same day. After initiating the transfer out to my preferred registrar, it was taking 5 days to complete the transfer.

It was really the most frustrating experience using this as a registrar and I’m warning everyone never to use them because they charge money for internal transfers and to provide you authorization codes. I’m not sure about their other services for which they would be charging unlike at other registrars where you can get it for free like WHOIS privacy.

Also each .ME domain transfer out, they asked me $235.81. It was an unbelievable transfer out fee. Even the seller wasn’t aware of this situation and was kind enough to offer me the money which I didn’t take and asked Domeny to lower the fee, the same like .CO transfer fee. Because without paying them money, it was impossible to receive authorization code. For this particular thing, they somehow accepted my request and charged me some $25 for each .ME domain as well. Overall, I ended up paying close to $500 for all the authorization codes I received for the domains.

They’re looting domain owners and providing disgusting service at the same time. I highly recommend NOT to use Domeny ever.

Feel free to share experiences if someone has used them in any way.

Thank you!