Beware of this new scam trick

Hi everyone,

I wanted to make you all aware of this new scam trick. I believe some have received similar emails as well but still I wanted to share it for everyone else who’s not known to it.

Today morning I received an email with the following details:

Subject: Domain Inquiry

Email address:


I am inquiring about your domain name

We are interested in purchasing the domain name for a new project. Our offer is $550,000.

Please let us know if you are willing to sell the aforementioned domain name to our company for the above price.
We await your reply at your earliest convenience.

Brian Holloway
Head of the Deep Science Fund
Intellectual Ventures

If you carefully look at the email address which actually has the letter L and not letter I for Intellectual keyword. This is a clear disguise way to lure into the trap of buying appraisal certificates.

Another thing is that the domain is listed for sale at $29,888 whereas the initial offer came in at $550,000. That’s clear cut stupidity by offering so high. Even to cheat others, one has to use their brains and in this case the only thing intelligently used was the domain name.

For anyone who doesn’t usually get too excited at first by looking at such high starting offers, they cannot be easily trapped.

Also to note, the person and company name used above (Brian Holloway and intellectualventures) is real and can be checked at the above link mentioned in the message AND have no connection with this scam. The scumbag at Lntellectualventures intentionally used their information to disguise domain owners.

Feel free to share this with your fellow friends so they can be made aware of this scam and you better be careful as well.

Some top acquisitions of 2020

Hi everyone,

I’m very excited to share some of my top domain acquisitions of recent time. My last post on acquisition was in March 2020.

Today I’ll start once again by sharing another 3L domain which I recently acquired. This is my 3rd 3L .com domain purchase after and and I’m very happy with this domain to be added in the portfolio., and – As always I’m slowly acquiring 4L .com domains and I like the formula of Shane Cultra of having 7%-10% of 4Ls in a portfolio and I’m having somewhat around 7% of 4Ls in my portfolio as well. and – I’ve purchased a few 3L .orgs to date but so far no success. Though I’m very confident in selling 3L .org in the future.

LEN.CO, HIH.CO, HJS.CO, LiveStreaming.CO, Parkinson.CO, Comms.CO and Agro.CO – I’ve had good success with .CO domains by selling several domains in 4-5 figures. 3L and 1 word domains are good to invest in my opinion. Rarely I’ve invested in 2 word .CO domains like LiveStreaming and maybe I’ve two more domains of 2 word at max. – For many years, I’ve witnessed that “online” keyword is in constant demand and both these terms together makes it a good domain. – Short version of Rehab Medical, Rehab Medicine and even Rehab Media. I like this short one better than all variants. That’s just my opinion. What’s your take? and – Domains with “the” keyword works very well and lately the prices are skyrocketing unlike in the past where we could buy such domains for a reasonable amount. – This domain has a very interesting story. I sold this domain previously in 2013 for $5,165. Recently I checked this domain was not resolving to the page which it used to be in the past. I contacted the previous owner but they didn’t own it anymore. I found this domain was under brokerage of GritBrokerage so I had to get in touch with them to buy it. Thanks to Brian Harbin of GB for making the deal smooth and all ended well.,,,,,, and – These are the types of domains I really like to invest in. With current hot auction prices, I’m now focusing more on private acquisitions and these are not easy to acquire both in terms of negotiation as well as prices. – Another example of one word brandable domain. – Although it’s a 3 word domain but I believe it’s a good domain with positive meaning attached to it. – Already have a very few finance related domains so this one was a nice little addition to the portfolio. – Quite a popular name as per LinkedIn which shows 19,000 people. – It means “lip” in Spanish language. Also it’s a 5L, pronounceable and highly brandable domain. Not only this domain can be used for lip surgeries, cosmetics, etc. But it can be used for other different purposes due to it’s catchy brand. – A domain selling in 6 figures in the future 😉

Many of those domain acquisitions were private and I regularly use DotDB service for buying domains as it helps in understanding how many potential endusers already exist. So make sure you’re using DotDB and their PRO plan is recommended for which you can get a 7 days trial in case you’re not sure if it’s worth it or not.

Feel free to share your recent acquisitions and/or give your feedback on the domain acquisitions.

Afternic experiment of September 2020

Hi everyone,

Before I start sharing last month’s Afternic results, I would like to inform you that this is the last post of the experiment. The main reason I started sharing with you all was to make aware how Afternic landers are performing for my domains so others can gauge and decide accordingly for their portfolios. I believe I’ve shared enough of this experiment and it’s clear how the overall results are. Just to clarify this decision has nothing to do with this. I already made up my mind right at the start of last month about this decision.

Also I’ve no complaints with Afternic and I’m very happy with the overall results as well as the brokers and my rep. I’ll continue using their landers.

So coming back to the point, this is the 9th and last post of the Afternic experiment series after I published JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJune, July and August results which I believe you’ll like.

The last month started with the blast and surprise. The first sale happened on the very first day of September in the shape of for $29,888. The buyer came in via Afternic lander. This was one of the interesting sales for me and I’ll tell you why. I received an offer of $17,500 GROSS from Afternic senior sales executive Richard Green on 27th August. He informed me that’s the buyer’s maximum offer. Mind you, that 17.5K offer was not the initial and the broker has already worked upon that lead. I responded back with some explanation as to why I would stick with the BIN and the potential of this domain. On 1st September, I received an email about funds secured by Afternic! The best thing in this deal was that the broker was able to convince the buyer to purchase at BIN with no room for him to negotiate. That was the standout thing for me. So kudos to Richard Green for making this deal to happen and he deserves a big applause for his expertise and professionalism.

One of my friends asked me to share the hold time so let me share it. was acquired more than 1 year back.

The next sale happened on 9th September of for $7,500. Initially we received an offer of $5,000 and after the broker went back and forth with the buyer, they raised up to $6,500. I had set a BIN of $9,888. I requested to push the buyer one last time and see if there is room to revise their offer and finally they presented $7,500 which I gleefully accepted. This one happened with Hold time 1+ year.

Third sale was which sold for $6,888 and once again via Hold time 5+ years. Then the next one for $1,988 was again via GoDaddy. Hold time less than 1 year.

Finally there was a sale of which happened via partner registrar which had a BIN of $6,888. Hold time 1+ year.

And then there was a blasting sale and that too happened via partner registrar, The domain is which actually had a BIN of $50,000 but after going back and forth, finally I agreed to sell for $40,000. The interesting thing about this domain is that I had a BIN of $39,888 just 1 month before I received this particular inquiry. I just got a hunch to increase the price of this domain mainly because of the potential of this domain. I’m not sure if this triggered the buyer somehow or what but I was still happy to accept the 40K GROSS. Hold time 2+ years.

Finally there were 3 more domain sales of for $2,000 which I had a BIN of $2,988 but I agreed to sell for 2K. This sale was generated via Afternic lander. Hold time 1+ year. The last 2 sales happened via GoDaddy and were for $1,988 and for $1,888. Hold time was 2+ and 3 years respectively.

The sales happened via partner registrars, reminding you that you must keep your domains at a registrar which offers Fast Transfers. That gives an additional exposure to sell your domains.

The number of inquiries for August was almost 550 and the total number of domains at the end of last month just reached 4,300.

Total cost of acquisition was under $6,000 and total amount of sales was $99,028. Though I missed the 100K mark but I’ve no issues. I’m more than happy and hope the sales keep flowing in like the last month not only for me but for all of us so we can prosper altogether 🙂

On the other hand, my friend Muhammad Aamir from DotCorner was happy to share once again his September sales via Afternic which I’ve copied below: for $2,900. for $7,500.

In general, it shows that there will always be ups and downs no matter how big or small a portfolio you’ve. But to get rid of some inconsistency of your sales is to build up your portfolio with a good number of domains along with quality. Having both quality + quantity is the best way to go. I know it takes a lot of hard and smart work, time, dedication, cash flow, etc. And I’m telling you this from my personal experience as well as reviewing fellow investor’s sales and flow.

Thank you Afternic, Richard Green, my relationship manager, the entire brokerage team and everyone involved in making the overall experience so wonderful.

Feel free to share your Afternic sales and/or give your feedback no matter how good or good it is 😉

How do you see it from your viewpoint?

Hi everyone,

Today I received an email which I wanted to share with everyone. Usually I don’t share any emails on my blog but this is an interesting one.

Email ID:

Subject: why did you do that?

Message: Hello Abdubasit

My name is Daniel. I am a domainer and I have a question to ask you!

About 2 years ago, you shared some very important informations on you
blog/website that had a catastrophic impact on the life of all

You said you wanted to help all the fellow domaines, but all you did was
making life difficult for us!

You shared the secret of how you buy domains and how you use

I have followed all the auction houses and since that day ( it is
amazing how it started precisely after that post ) the prices of domains
began to climb slowly up!

You turned on the light but for the wrong guys ( not for the domaines ).

Ever since that day, all the rich guys with deep pockets and all the
speculators with tick wallets began to understand how they should pick
op domains from auctions.

As a result of that, today a domains that use to cost 300/400$ In
dropcatch or SnapNames, is now sold for 2000/3000$ !! All that thanks to
you sharing the secrets of domain picking!

sharing that sensitive knowledge only helped the rich guys to vacuum
clean all the valuable domains from the auctions. so it was a huge help
to the Chinese domain investors with limitless amount of capital to
invest in domains and a knife in the hearth of people like me and
yourself who cant afford to pay several thousands for a domain.

So you some how punished yourself (and the other poor fellow domaines)
in favour of the rich Chinese/american domain speculators.

If you wasn’t lucky to sell that fucking for 375000$, today
you would be buying and selling domains for 200/500$! Allah helped you
to get success and as thanks, you fucked all the small domaines!

Now I have a question: why did you do that? was it to help domaines or
was it because you wanted to make yourself a name in the domaining

You maybe a good domainer but you do not know any thing about the rules
of business.

Daniel Sommer

I was caught in a surprise to read it because of several reasons. First, I didn’t know my blog is getting such a huge traffic that it can change the domain prices in the aftermarket. Secondly, just because I shared a great service DotDB, I don’t believe things can massively change as far as the prices are concerned because any sensible domain investor would use several factors in deciding which domain to buy, what maximum bid to give, whether to buy or not, etc. and not only rely on one factor in their decision.

Just recently I published a post about NameJet where I’ve suggested others never use it and given the solid reason behind that. As said in that post, I believe some people won’t like me sharing such things openly and there may be more people like Daniel who will not like this post as well.

But… I’ll keep sharing what I want to, as far as I think it’s helpful to others.

Anyone is free to get jealous, angry or be happy. Neither I can please everyone nor I plan to do so. I’ll just continue sharing whatever I think is useful for others on a larger scale.

How do you see it from your viewpoint? Feel free to post your comments 🙂

Why you should NEVER use NameJet

Hi everyone,

I believe some regular bidders won’t like sharing it publicly but I don’t care for such mentality of people and I just love to share what I think is beneficial to others.

I don’t think this has been shared anywhere else but here you go…

Since NameJet and SnapNames have merged together for auctioning off domains, I see people still bidding at NameJet which doesn’t make sense. Let me tell you the secret…

When you place a backorder at NameJet, you pay 2.5% top of your original winning amount. Whereas if you win the same domain at SnapNames, you’ll pay only the final winning amount.

Also there is another reason for not placing backorder at NameJet and it’s the number of bidders are shown so anyone can sort by number of bidders to see what are the top most bid domains so they can easily enter in those which will ultimately create more competition.

So if someone doesn’t like this tip to be shared publicly, you’ve to think the other way around. Why to show a number of bidders and create more competition when you can place the same domain backorder and participate in an auction at SnapNames without showing any number of bidders? On top of that you’ll save 2.5% of your winning amount.

Feel free to give your feedback no matter how good or good it is 😉