Domains I recently purchased

Like many other domain investors I don’t usually stuck to one or very few niches while buying domain names. I buy all type of domains except adult, gambling, alcohol related domains. My focus is to only look expired + aged domains which I think can sell to end users.

I would like to share my recent purchases of the past months and I will try to publish my domain acquisitions every month to keep you guys updated with the type of domain names I buy. This will give you better idea and understanding of what kind of domain names you should focus. Most of the domains I recently bought are from auctions as well as private. Some of the domains are listed below:

Would you like to share your recent domain purchases? Also what are your thoughts and suggestions about my acquisitions.

Best parking platform –

I was accepted by last month and since than I have been parking my domains with them. The results are awesome. I have tried several parking companies but this one is best. They provide each day’s report after 24 hours and not real time or hourly basis. It is very difficult to get accepted so make sure you are sending them your best domains to get approved.

I have compared between Voodoo, and Bodis but InternetTraffic is paying a lot more. My revenue has went up over 200%. I am receiving more inquiries than ever and traffic has jumped as well. One thing is clear that some additional traffic is coming from the platform where people type in the keyword they are looking and they find your domain. I am so sure about this because if you go to your DNS Inquiries/Archive page you will see icon which says dns-search.

There are some important things to be noted which I have got from their terms and conditions:

“a. ITC will pay such commission by wire transfer in U.S. currency only, thirty (30) business days after the end of each calendar month for all commissions earned by Publisher for which ITC has actually received payment from its licensors and suppliers during the prior month less any amount ITC determines, in its sole discretion, was not validly earned from proper use of any of Publisher’s websites or any Domain Names, including, without limitation, as described in the “Abusive, Inappropriate or Invalid Traffic” section below; and

b. Payment by ITC will be issued by wire transfer and ITC’s wire transfer charges will be paid by ITC, and any intermediary or bank charges from the Publisher will be at the Publisher’s expense. ITC is not responsible for the acts, omissions, failures or policies of any financial institution involved in any financial transaction involving ITC and Publisher.

2.2 No payment to Publisher will be issued for any amount payable to Publisher that is less than five hundred (US $500.00); and such unpaid earnings will be held until the next payment date after the month in which the total amount due is accumulated to at least five hundred dollars (US $500.00).”

Have you been accepted by What’s your feedback and results so far? Shoot your comments who are already using their system from long time since I am very new to their platform.

Backordering .cc domain with

About 3 years back I joined as they were just going to start taking backorders for .cc domains. I read their FAQ’s and found that if there are two or more person the domain will be auctioned. I thought that’s fine and I backordered one domain, made upfront payment. The domain was successfully grabbed by them. Later I found there were only two bidders including me so I thought it’s good and I will get the domain at bargain but I was surprised to see when they put up that domain at GoDaddy Auctions which was open for everyone to bid and can be the new owner of the domain!

This really frustrated me. I contacted Hexonet, the company’s CSO replied back and tried to make me understand that currently there is no auction platform of their own so they are auctioning at GoDaddy Auctions. I told them it’s fine but you must put only two of us and make it private auction which he rejected. I asked them to refund my money back and refused to place any more backorders in future. That domain went over US$1,000 whereas I could have easily got for US$200-US$300 if done privately between the auction participants only.

After a year or so they came up with their auction platform but I will never place any more backorders with them. I am not sure how their current auction platform is but I would never recommend anyone to give backorders through them. There are better places for .cc backordering like and which are having more successful ratio compared to

Have you experienced with What are your thoughts and suggestions?

Tips, Secrets and Backordering of .IM domain names

In my previous article about my experience with .IM domains I promised to share some tips and secrets about .IM domain names. As many people asked me what is the exact drop time of .IM domains so I think it varies from registrar to registrar. The timing I have noted so far is from 8:00AM – 4:00PM (Pakistan Standard Time). The domain drops exactly on the hour so you must check on hourly basis.

There is one secret about .IM domains which I would like to share with you. When the domain owner deletes the domain from his account for any reason than the domain gets available immediately for hand registration. But .com/.net domains goes into RGP (Redemption Grace Period) if deleted before expiration date. I have grabbed few domains in such instances and are listed below with detail:

Free.IM was sold was for $1,150 in 2008 but later dropped by the previous owner before expiration date and I grabbed it.

SEO.IM was dropped by the previous owner before expiration date and I registered and sold within a week for US$4,000.

Even Fashion.IM was dropped in similar fashion and I was always there to catch that.

I am sure everyone dealing in .IM domains must know the highest reported domain sale is Mobile.IM for US$7,000 which was dropped after normal expiration cycle and I registered that as well. I wonder why the previous owner let it go. Didn’t he spent a big amount of money for that one. I surely think so but finally he decided to let it go for me 😉

So my tip for you is to keep checking all the ultra premium keywords on daily basis and one of them might come in your way. Now you must thinking who the hell can check 500 domains on daily basis. No worries, I will be sharing the easiest solution for you in my next article which I am using it for the last 6 years without any trouble and it’s worth your money.

Some domainers have asked me if there is any backordering service for .IM domains. Short answer is not yet.

Do you have any tips and/or secrets to share with others? Let your voice be heard by everyone 🙂

My experience with .IM domains

In late 2009 I came to knew about .IM domain names through forum where one guy posted that he forgot to renew couple of .IM domains (Hotel.IM and Job.IM) which was really shocking to read because these are super premium keywords. Both of them were grabbed immediately after they were dropped and Hotel.IM fetched over US$3,000. I thought if such great keywords can get drop than there will be some chance of finding available gems to register.

First I tried to find the registrar which was offering .IM domains at cheaper rates and was the best by support and rates as well. I entered all top 500 keywords mostly used on internet to see if any .IM is available and to my good luck I found few and grabbed in immediately.

Today I have over 30 .IM domains under my belt. Some of them includes Social.IM, Mobile.IM, Free.IM, Download.IM, Data.IM, Fashion.IM, Movie.IM, Movies.IM. In the past 3 years I have sold very few with the notable sale of SEO.IM for US$4,000. In my experience I have done good at .IM domains but I would suggest every new domainer who is interested in acquiring must seek only ultra premium keywords because almost every end user is not aware of .IM domain and is difficult to make them understand the benefits and value of it.

In my next article I will share some tips and secrets about .IM domains.

Feel free to share your opinions and which .IM domains you currently own.