Afternic experiment of January 2020

Hello everyone,

With the last post where I discussed of doing an experiment with my entire portfolio by moving from Uniregistry sales lander to Afternic and today I would like to share some data with everyone to understand what happened last month.

As I keep sharing the number of domains in my portfolio which has now grown little over 3,500 to keep in mind.

I was contacted by many fellow domain investors for knowing how the new experiment worked out for me and I’m thankful to each of those for asking me.

My Afternic manager shared the reports from which I would like to disclose some key stats for better understanding.

  1. There were inquiries on little over 500 domains in the entire month of January 2020.
  2. Had couple of sales, one of which was which sold via BIN for $15,888. My first sale of 2020 and that too of 5 figures!
  3. One of the sale happened via GoDaddy cart and the other via Reseller cart which I think means via partner registrar of Afternic.
  4. None of those sales happened via sales lander which to me doesn’t mean the change hasn’t worked out. Sometimes the leads are in progress/negotiations going on with brokers and you never know when the domain gets sold.

Overall, I’m happy with the change even though there isn’t a sale made yet via the change I made last month. Also to note, the change I made was after a week was passed. However, I’ll stick to my plan of giving this change a time of at least 6 months and see how it works out.

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Muhammad Bilal
3 months ago

Congratulations on good start of 2020
Afternic must have to improve sale lander pages as DAN, SEDO, Uniregistry have done some improvements.

3 months ago

Congrats Abdul bhai! A nice beginning to the New Year.

Billy Bretherton
3 months ago

That’s great. Happy see you got sales

Yusup Babay
3 months ago

This February, I will try to move half of my portfolio on

Matt Morgan
Matt Morgan
3 months ago

Hello Abdul, How are you doing? Congratulations on your sale of the $15,888 domain, this is an excellent start to your year. Still early days but keep the experiment up. A 6-8 month, even 12 month spread of this experiment will show you the potential results of your experiment, and I am glad that you have taken the urge to carry it on, rather than it just staying as an ‘idea’ in your head. Taking action gets results and I wish you all the best in all of it. If you need any help then please don’t hesitate to ask… Read more »

Sanjeev Tiwari
3 months ago

Awesome article Abdul sir, and Congrats for the sale , 🙂

3 months ago

Congrats Abdul on your sale of the $15,888 domain. is a valuable name. When it comes to afternic, godaddy I think they rock in terms of sales. All of my domains that I have sold came through that channel and no matter the landing page I use, afternic and godaddy just makes the magic happen. Now that godaddy + uniregistry are together, trust me. There’s going to be fire sales from all these avenues. Thank you for sharing your afternic experiment, look forward for more. Good luck.

3 months ago

Congratulations Abdul sir
Which option is for sell domains between afternic & uniregistry ?

2 months ago

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